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So, ideas are everywhere. And sometimes our brains go blank and we can’t produce any new ideas. For me, I’ve sorta been on a roll with a number of ideas just flooding in for potential solutions to everyday problems.

How it starts

I’ll be going about my day and all of a sudden I’ll be facing some sort of hard-ish problem, for example, I want to compose an email but I hate having to navigate to to access and compose. I downloaded Spark, which is an email application that I used for a bit but then deleted after my laptop was running low on memory. So, back to the browser, I went and then all I was like, “wait, what if I could just compose an email from anywhere in my browser?”.

There was an idea! I concluded that maybe just maybe if I had a plugin that would allow me to compose an email from anywhere within my browser, I’d be less frustrated with composing and sending emails.

And, who knows maybe it will solve my problem but until I go out and build it I won’t know.

Where to take it

Now, after you have an idea some folks write it down others just start immediately working on it and other just brush it off. I’m here to tell you, write it done if you’re able too. It’s kinda inspiring looking at a list of 2-10 ideas that could potentially solve a problem for you or for thousands of others.

Act now

I have some ideas that I’ll probably never act on. Some of the ideas I have gone ahead and outlined them in a Notion doc for future reference. And it’s so funny, there are ideas that I told myself to act but was too lazy or didn’t take the time and now browsing sites like Product Hunt I can see other people who were proactive and built a solution or a tool around the same or similar concept.

Takeaway: If you have an idea that keeps coming back to you either while you’re trying to fall asleep or even one that stays on your mind throughout your day, act on it. I wish I had.

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