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Ooop! I’ve changed the newsletter name. Expect 1 letter weekly on a few different topics as you’ll see highlighted below. If there’s anything you want to see or don’t want to see out of this newsletter, hit “reply” and lay it on me.

You’ll be seeing more about remote work, entrepreneurship via my podcast, tech, transitioning careers, hiring, jobs and psychology. Keep reading for all the good stuff.

Don’t Crush It Alone (The Podcast)

Today I released Season 2 of the podcast called, “The Founders Handbook”.

On the show today I brought on Jaap Vergote to chat about why you should sell it before you make it. It’s all about the idea of validating your idea by talking to people before you pour in money, time and resources into building a product.

This isn’t the last time we’ll hear from Jaap, he’ll be back next week with another lesson for founders.

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At its core, what is remote work? What does it mean to work from home?

I shared this last letter but I wanted to share it again. It’s really important to me to educate folks on remote work and ensuring the health of the team stays intact even though teams are not physically close. Read the post to understand what remote work or working from home really means.

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Productivity hacks

Use accountability as your productivity hack.

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