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Don’t Crush It Alone (The Podcast)

#1 How you can hack social media to leverage your product or brand? with Masha a.k.a The Coding Blonde. Masha is an entrepreneur and the founder of Coding Blonde, a brand that empowers women to break into tech.

#2 Do founders need to know how to code to launch a startup? with Jaap Vergote. Jaap is the Executive Sales Manager at ViaBill and the founder previous co-founder of CAMPO.

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Dear founders and managers, here’s how you can handle the surge of remote work.

Adapting to the growth of remote work is crucial. Don’t get left behind because you’re not able to re-think how your company sees and incorporates remote work or a work from home culture.

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Productivity hacks

As a remote Product Manager, getting distracted is something I face every single day. Even when I have everything planned out. How do I avoid distractions so that I can stay productive? How do I make time in a day full of meetings? Calendar blocking.

Here’s how mine usually looks for a typical day. Blue indicates, focus blocks.

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