Rejected from remote role based on location + launching remote work resources & mentoring!

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A few months I opened up office hours where I met with folks from all over the world for 30 mins. It was a fantastic experience and I talked to a wide range of people from all backgrounds and disciplines. Weekly (until I run out of questions) I’ll be pulling in 1 question I received and share it here with you. Hopefully, you find this helpful!

Q1: I’m based in Syria and can’t seem to find remote roles. Do recruiters turn away applicants based on location, even if it’s a remote job?

  • Totally possible! When you’re applying for remote roles ensure you thoroughly read the job description, check out the About Us and teams page to get a better handle on where the team is distributed. At times the job posting will mention US-Remote or Canada-Remote, as examples. And that means they’re specifically looking to hire folks in those areas. It’s easy to miss though and sometimes companies fail to even state it. If you’re really stumped, send a quick note to the recruiter to clarify before applying.

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Launching resources, coaching and mentoring for remote individuals and teams.

As part of the #WomenMakeChallenge for October, I created RemoteNewbie. It will be released officially today, 10/31, and I’ve spent the last month working on pushing this out. I also shared this milestone on IndieHackers, because why not.

October was probably one of the roughest months of this year. It started out smooth and I felt productive and really dedicated to creating and developing RemoteNewbie. But then, I had a really close family member pass away and turned my world upside down. After that, I had about 1 week to get back in and re-focus to push out RemoteNewbie. It was hard but I’m glad to say, I’m ready to launch and iterate.

Check it out below and reply to this email with any thoughts, questions, or feedback and follow me on Twitter for launch updates!

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Findings Across the Web 📢

  • Tulsa Remote! Woah, when I first stumbled on this I was shocked but in the most positive way. Tulsa remotes will pay remote workers and digital nomads to re-locate, work, and live out of Tulsa, OK. How cool is that? $10,000 in cash for moving expenses.

  • The Remote Work Stats 2019 is out! Lots of neat statistics around remote work challenges, hiring, meeting, and more.

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