💡 to grow, you must teach.

letter #9

I’ve pushed an update.

Since I launched Remote Newbie, the more I kept seeing the need for it to have its own newsletter to share strictly remote work material. So, moving forward all work from home related droppings will be featured here.

The Weekly Human may feature remote work bits here and there but it will now be my safe space to share whatever is pertinent from week to week. I will stick within the realm of tech, travel, future of work, entrepreneurship, and psychology. If you’re into that, stick around!

Something I’ve realized…

Since I’ve been in tech I’ve seen how powerful it is to teach your craft. Even back when I learned to code, I remember always seeing expert programmers just teaching away like it was second nature and me telling myself that could never be me.

And who knew, as I developed my skills more and more I saw an increase in my confidence around web development and I even did some pairing and teaching with friends and family. Sometimes even strangers in coding Slack groups.

Those instances where I stopped to help somebody else figure out a console error or a bug were so enlightening. There's nothing like teaching what you know. Even if you’re just beginning your career as a designer or recruiter - the more talks, presentations, articles, and support you give to your fellow peers the stronger you become not only in your industry but also within yourself.

Takeaway: find a beginner in your field and help them through their first step.

The “You get a job!” Corner 💼

Articles or Tools I’ve Bookmarked 📢

  • Heard this from someone I follow on Youtube - there are 3.3 million jobs expected in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022. So, it may be time to get some SF training in.

  • Setup waitlisting for your next launch via Waitlisted, they make it quite simple to get going.

  • The Memo is a newsletter that sends you sweet remote jobs every week at early-stage startups

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